Pakistan can bring Taliban on table: Tillerson

Jalil Afridi
Washington DC: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that aid to Afghanistan will be given on the basis of Afghan government efforts to eliminate corruption.
Secretary Tillerson said that Pakistan can bring Taliban on dialogue table. He further said that. Pakistan has suffered greatly due to terrorism but Pakistan must adopt a different approach toward eliminating Taliban. ” We want to work with Pakistan but Pakistan must change its strategy” Tillerson said while addressing media at the State Department. He further said that America wants to play a reconciliatory role in the region. 
Secretary Tillerson repeated what President said that India can play an important role in Afghanistan. 
Tillerson told Taliban in direct message that “if we don’t win we won’t let you win either.” 
Secretary did mention that the US is increasing troops in Afghanistan. He also said that Russia is providing weapons to Taliban. 
Secretary Tillerson said that he spoke to Pakistani Prime Yesterday and forewarned them about what President was going to speak about. He also said that if Pakistan does not take action terrorists sanctuaries, sanctions will be leveled against Pakistan and those sanctions could include things such as military aid or Pakistan removal from NATO.
Secretary Tillerson said Pakistan is an important country with regard to bringing stability in Afghanistan. He said he has spoken to Chinese authorities in this regard as well.
He said that if Pakistan does not take immediate action against Taliban, it can become strong enough to destabilize Pakistan. He said that it is in the best interest of Pakistan to bring stability in Afghanistan and remove those sanctuaries about which the US has concerns.