No urgency seen from Prime Minister Imran: Ghani

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC: President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani said that no urgency has been seen from the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan regarding holding concrete dialogue with Afghanistan to fighting terrorism or to assist in holding fruitful dialogue with the Taliban.

While addressing at the John Hopkins School of Advanced Studies, President Ghani said that he hopes Prime Minister Imran Khan will start giving more importance to Afghanistan and will play a constructive role in the recent dialogue process with Taliban.

President Ghani said that he has always extended hand of friendship to Pakistan and he wants to see a stable Pakistan. The president assured that he will never allow Afghan soil to be used against Pakistan.

At the same time the President also said that the there is clear distrust between the two countries as well and that the undeclared war between the two countries must come to end.

The Afghan President thanked the American government for their continued financial support and hoped that by year 2024, the Afghan government will only need two billion dollars financial support per year.

President Ghani dispelled the impression that Taliban had the winning position in Afghanistan and said that “Taliban don’t show their casualties, have they transformed a single village, have they done anything positive.?” President Ghani urged the Taliban that for the larger interests of the country they should shed violence, bring peace in the country and become part of the political system.

In reply to a question, President Ghani said that US special representative, Zalmay Khalilzad has taken him in the loop with regard to holding dialogue with the Taliban. This time the dialogue with Taliban is Afghan owner, the President said.

Regarding corruption in different departments in Afghanistan, the president said that corruption has been seen as the culture in Afghanistan but since last years his government has arrested three star generals and ministers on the charges of corruption. He assured the audience that his government is determined to root out corruption from the country.

President Ghani hoped that peace in Afghanistan should not be discussed in if’s and but’s anymore but it should be when and how.