Prime Minister leaves for Kabul today Pakistan desirous of Afghan prosperity

Jalil Afridi

ISLAMABAD: In the wake of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s visit to Afghanistan today, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir while briefing the journalists said that the government wants to give a positive message to the leadership and the people of Afghanistan that Pakistan is absolutely desirous of progress and stability of Afghanistan. The Foreign Secretary said that many international players are involved in bringing about peace in Afghanistan and to achieve this goal many strategies are being chalked out to achieve constructive results. He said both Pakistan and Afghanistan are not poor as far as resources are concerned and if worked together both the countries with the assistance of corporate sector can achieve great economic goals. Salman Bashir without clarifying exactly what he meant by “starting of a political process” mentioned that all segments of Afghan society should be taken on board in the political process and economic stability of Afghanistan. Whereas the Foreign Secretary did mention that “Pakhtuns” should be given their due role in Afghan setup. Regarding political activities in Afghanistan, the Foreign Secretary while quoting Lakhtar Ibrahimi’s report said there are three processes taking place in Afghan political scene; one Reintegration (bringing important personalities of Afghanistan in the political process), second Transfer of Security Responsibility (exit of the foreign troops at the earliest) and third Reconciliation Process, whose incharge is Burhanuddin Rabbani, the former President of Afghanistan. The Foreign Secretary did agree to the fact that Pakistan has been asked by the international community to play “substantive role” in the political process of Afghanistan. When asked about the report published in international media that Taliban with the help of Pakistan and with the consent of Turkish government will be starting their office in Turkey, the Foreign Secretary said that the validity of the said report has not yet been confirmed.