Pakistani American politicians show of strength

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC: An American NGO, Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA) organized an event with regard to the upcoming US elections.

The Republican Party was represented by Sajid Tarar where as Dr Masood Anwar represented the Democratic Party.

Participants of the event were mostly journalist working either for Pakistan based media organizations or local US based media groups with target to reach the Pakistani audience.

Sajid Tarar, who has become an iconic face of President Donald Trump since he spoke at the convention right after Donald Trump took oath as the President of the United States of America. Politically, Donald Trump highlighted Sajid Tarar because he beater to show the world that he is not against Islam or Muslims.

In his opening remarks Sajid Tarar said that it is a wrong impression of Donald Trump, “he is neither against Islam or the Muslim.” Sajid added. He further enforced his point by saying that it is Donald Trump who is stopping the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. “ When Donald Trump became president, the first country he visited was a Muslim country and it was Saudi Arabia” Sajid added.

To counter his argument, Dr Masood Anwar who works at National Institute of Heath (NIH) said that Donald Trump has also always hurt the sentiments of Muslims when he uses words like Muslim Extremism, “there is no such thing as Muslim Extremism and it is White Supremacy that Donald Trump is supporting” Dr Masood Anwar added.

While replying a question about the Corona Virus, Sajid Tarar said that this disease was created by China and because Donald Trump has made sure that people are tested for Corona, therefore the figures in the US are so much higher than the rest of the world. “ China does not have freedom of press therefore we don’t know the exact figure of how many people are affected there” Sajid Tarar said while defending the way President Trump handled the Corona situation in the US.

Khurram Shahzad on behalf of PAPA said that this event is conducted because Muslim voters play an important role in US elections and Pakistani Americans should be involved in conveying their message to the elected officials because they pay their taxes and therefor they should expect “return on their investment.”

Sajid Tarar who is also the Chairman of Muslim Voice for Trump said that Trump has fulfilled his promises and it is because of the Republican’s immigration policy that the US is full of immigrants today. “ The only thing Trump is doing is to make sure that criminals don’t enter the country” Tarar added.

Dr Masood Anwar while criticizing Donald Trump said that the country is being divided, foreign relations are being destroyed and therefore the best thing for the US at the present is to kick him of the country and put American on path of prosperity again.

While talking to this scribe Sajid Tarar said that it is his dream to build an orphanage in Pakistan along IT school. Management of The Frontier Post was informed in this regard and in their reply Mr Sajid Tarar was assured that The Frontier Post and it’s management will play every role possible to achieve this goal of Mr Sajid Tarar.