‘Pakistan very important for Emirates Airlines’

Jalil Afridi

DUBAI: Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations West Asia and Indian Ocean for Emirates Airlines said that Pakistan is a very important country for them keeping in view the large business they have been getting in shape of passengers travelling from Pakistan on Emirates Airlines.He further said three thousand five hundred and forty Pakistanis at present are working for Emirates Airlines which includes ninety seven cabin members and twenty five of the engineering department staff.  While meeting Pakistani media delegations at the Emirates Headquarters, Sheikh Majid said that Emirates Airlines started its first flight twenty five years ago to Karachi and it was Pakistan International Airlines which helped tremendously in starting of Emirates Airlines. He informed that Emirates Airlines at present has forty five flights a week operating from Pakistan with twenty two percent growths. Sheikh Majid while answering a question said that Emirates Airlines has the largest number of 777 and 380 planes and seventy more planes worth fifty Billion US Dollars were ordered last week, making Emirates Airlines to be biggest Airline operating in seven continents of the world. While commenting on recent economic turmoil all over the world, Sheikh Majid said that “despite economical crisis we did not fire a single employee working at the Emirates Airlines and it is the staff which has made Emirates Airlines a success.” Answering another question, Sheikh Majid said that the reason behind the success of Emirates Airlines is the visionary team it has. He said that “any company success depends on how far ahead they see things.” Sheikh Majid regretted the fact that some western countries are not giving operational permission to Emirates Airlines despite the fact that UAE government not only fully cooperates with all airlines of the world but also welcomes them to their country and helps them in any problems they have. Sheikh Majid twice thanked the Pakistani government and the Civil Aviation Authority for the cooperation they are extending to Emirates Airlines and hoped that these relations will be strengthened with due course of time.