Saudis start investing in Dubai

Jalil Afridi
Dubai: After the Arab spring revolt in Egypt, Libya, Syria and else where the wealthy people of Saudi Arabia have started investing in Dubai. After winning the Expo 2020, tremendous rise has taken place in the property business in Dubai whereas the Dubai rulers have spent almost 1.2 billion dollars in just the marketing campaign of the announcement of winning the Dubai Expo 2020.
On the other hand more than six million expatriates living in Dubai have complained about the rise in property rentals after the announcement of Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the royal families along with other rich Saudis have shifted their investments to Dubai. For Saudis it\’s not only the Expo 2020 in Dubai but its also that they are not sure about their own future as America has already started a lovy dovy relation with Iran. And to this lovy dovyness of America with Iran, both Saudia and Dubai are looking at with dubiousness.
Both Dubai and Saudi are not in good terms with Iran and that\’s the reason both these two countries have decided to come close in terms of financial relations. But those analysts who think beyond financial relations believe that this materialistic love between Dubai and Iran is not going to last for long because the rulers of both these countries are afraid of Arab revolt within their own countries. A member of ruling family of Dubai when asked whether Arab spring kind of revolt could take place in Dubai and Saudi, on strict condition of anonymity said “why not”