Kashmir to be part of Pakistan: Qureshi

Jalil Afridi
Washington DC: The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said thatKashmir banaiga Pakistan (Kashmir to be part of Pakistan) slogan was always there and will always be there.
While holding a press briefing at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, the foreign minister said that the language used by the Indian foreign office regarding Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan was disgraceful and undiplomatic.
In reply to a question about India, the foreign minister said that India is raising hue and cry about the death of its three soldiers but India does not say a thing about the hundreds of Kashmiris being killed since last few months by Indian armed forces. Qureshi further said that there are many negative things which he can about India, including Gulbashan Yadav but he wants to refrain from such things because he wants to start a dialogue process with India.
In reply to a question about Afghanistan, Qureshi said that Pakistan can only play a constructive role while holding dialogue of Afghan government and the Afghan Taliban where as Pakistan is no position to influence anybody.
When The Frontier Post asked a question about the presence of Daish in Afghanistan, the foreign minister said that Pakistan is very concerned about it and that he will talk more about this topic in near future. He further said that he does not believe that America is planning to leave Afghanistan any time soon.
While replying to another question by The Frontier Post whether the presence of Zalmay Khalilzad who is staunch opponent of Pakistan in the meeting held by Secretary Pampeo and General Dunford with Prime Minister Imran Khan, raised any eyes brows, the foreign minister said that “times change and so do people change.”