Converting historic Church into gay night club condemned

Jalil Afridi 

Washington DC: A historical church in American capital Washington DC, located on North Capital Avenue is being converted into a gay night club and renovation is underway. People from all walks of life condemned this decision including Muslim and Christian leaders who are based in Washington DC. 

Saint Francis Baptist Church is more than 150 years old and due to financial constraints, the management of the said church sold this property to a night club tycoon. The said tycoon already owns one other way gay night club in Washington DC. 

It is pertinent to mention here that several historical churches in Washington DC have been converted into apartment buildings and  according to the heritage foundations and history societies of Washington DC, the new owners of these Churches can do renovations inside these Churches but they can not break or touch the outer/structural part of these churches.  

Those who are aware of the future of the Saint Francis Baptist Church being converted into gay night club are of the opinion that commercialism is part of reality but there needs to be respect for ethics and history. These people are also planning to hold demonstration out side the Church when it officially becomes operational and working as night club. 

It is also interesting to note that several Muslims based in Washington DC have also condemned converting this historical Churche into a night club and urged Washington DC Mayor, Mauriel Bowser to intervene in the said issue.   
An individual named Muhammad while talking to this scribe said that “I hope Christians and Muslims come up with money and purchase this property from the night club tycoon and convert it into anything else.”