Emirates to start flights from Kabul

Emirates Air line in Kabul

Jalil Afridi
LAHORE: One of the leading international airlines, Emirates Airlines is to start flights to Dubai from Kabul on the 4th of December this year. All arrangements in this regard have been finalized.
After Emirates Airlines entry into Afghanistan, competitions between international airline companies have entered another higher level.
In the past it was only Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) which had daily flights from Kabul to Islamabad and from Kabul to Peshawar. Afghan passengers had to first come to either Peshawar or Islamabad for further connecting flights to their international destinations.
Beside Emirates Airlines other airlines which are already operating from Kabul include Fly Dubai, Safi Airlines and Turkish Airways.
It is also expected that Qatar Airlines will also soon starts its flights operation from Kabul.
In presence of all these international airlines, the only options left with PIA to compete are to provide better planes instead of ATR’s from Kabul to Peshawar and Islamabad and also to start a daily flight from Kabul to Dubai.