US Muslim leaders regret violence

imageJalil Afridi

Washington, D.C.: A press conference was held at the National Press Club Washington, D.C. by the U.S. Council for Islamic Organization which comprises of many different Muslim organizations. Leaders of the council said that hate crimes are increasing in America whereas on the other hand it said that it is like organization like ISIS which has killed more Muslims than anyone else.

The council vowed that it will start initiatives to remove the misperceptions about Islam in America. Leaders of the council said that due to incidents like the San Bernadino in California, the religion of Islam should not be target.
The council said that in recent days incidents of hate crime have increased in America especially the targeting of mosques in different parts of America and therefore the concil has decided that mosques through out the country will be opened to followers of different religions to educate them about the true face of Islam.
Leaders of the council said that Muslims have always condemned terrorism in evey form but now it is time that American Muslims should even inform their neighbors about the non violence teachings of Islam. Leaders vowed that the perception of Islamphobia needs to be removed at the earliest otherwise youth in America will develop hate against each other.
Leaders vowed that Muslims have always played a positive role in development of America and they will continue to do so.
Leaders said that Muslim youth in America should not be treated as suspect but as the brightest prospect of the country.