Withdrawal of US troops is conditions based: Abdullah

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Chairman of the High Council of National Reconciliation Dr Abdullah Abdullah while speaking at an event in United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC stated that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is based on certain conditions and that these conditions are being discussed at very early stage right now. Dr Abdullah regretted the fact that despite the negotiations being held the violence in the country does not seem to be stopping. Dr Abdullah said the Afghanistan has been seeing violence since last fourty years and now it’s time that an end to violence is made and all concerns must be addressed on the negotiation table. Referring to the negotiations being held with Taliban in Doha, Dr Abdullah said that all participants are being tested for Corona and hoped that Corona effects will not delay the negotiations. Dr Abdullah further said that a peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of all its citizens and also its neighboring countries. He accepted that fact that neighboring countries have influence over the Taliban but he urged all neighboring countries to extend their support in bringing about peace in Afghanistan. Dr Abdullah appreciated the recent visit of Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa to Afghanistan and hoped that concerns of all neighboring countries will be duly addressed during peace negotiations. Dr Abdullah said that his council comprises of diverse individuals and it will make sure that the rights of women and minority are protected at all cost. Dr Abdullah said that his council, the government government team and US are ready for comprises but he urged the Taliban that they must also be ready for compromises. Regarding interim government in Afghanistan, Abdullah said that interim government just for sake of intern government is not going to make sense, there are other issues which needs to discussed first. “ We have to insure that Afghanistan is not being used as soil to raise terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS” Dr Abdullah said. Dr Abdullah seemed satisfied that both the Afghan government and Taliban have almost released all the prisoners being kept captive and hoped that next phase of negotiations will begin soon.