Guidance in vision

Guidances in vision
Comment By: Jalil Afridi
As we embark on the journey of starting The Frontier Post from New York and Washington DC, the feelings of anxiety are at its peak especially thinking how small we are as a media house compare the big Media Giants in America. But these feelings don’t stop us from dreaming big. These feelings also do not stop us from thinking that even if we can make a tiny difference, that difference means the world to us.
The cross road of history where we are at, demanded us to convey the voices of those who are never heard. And among those voices are the million of Pakhtuns also known as Pashtuns. Today Pashtuns are known as extremists and terrorists to most Americans. And this is not true. Pashtuns enjoy hundreds of years old history, filled with eduction, poetry, paintings, music, literature, dance, friendliness and peace. They have lived as next door neighbors to Hindus, Sikhs and Christians for centuries.
Pakistan, my country which to many Americans in the 90’s when I use to go to high school and college was not known much and therefore there were hardly any negative comments. But today, Pakistan is known as some crazy terrorist country to a lot of Americans. Of course media has played a major role in creating this impression of Pakistan. But honesty, we as a nation are not that bad. We have a vibrant population of over 170 million and 70 percent of the population relies on agriculture and live a very peaceful life. Let me clarify here that their agriculture crops do not include growing of opium or marijuana. Majority of these crops are grown in Afghanistan. Pakistan is full of color and versatility. Pakistani people in majority are peaceful and loving people. The country in general is facing challenges which are bigger than its capacity and while deciding how to handle them, it does make a few mistakes. There is no doubt that among those mistakes the two major issues are related to corruption and delay in justice. Pakistani rulers have embezzled billions of dollars and they have gotten away with it. Sadly these things continue today as well.
Afghanistan, being next door neighbour of Pakistan face not only similar challenges but many more. The Frontier Post has always carried the policy of having the strongest relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. We will continue the same policy in years to come. We believe the survival of both Pakistan and Afghanistan is interconnected and that they should not let any third force come in between their relations. Those forces in Pakistan who wants to see a destabilized Afghanistan should be discouraged and those forces which wants to bring both the countries closer should be encouraged and supported.
We also believe that India has played a role in distancing Afghanistan and Pakistan from each other and this trend should not continue for long because eventually this foreign policy tactic of India will prove disastrous for its own bright future.
Pakistan, Afghanistan and India should avoid poking their nose in each other’s affairs in a negative way because eventually this will result in problems for each another and if any party believes that they can achieve success by destabilizing another, is living in a fools paradise. The borders of all the three countries are so lengthy and unprotected that securing them one hundred percent is impossible, at least for now.
Pakistan foreign policy with America and vice versa for the last two decades has seen many high and lows and definitely at present these relations seems to be on the low side. The Frontier Post will highlight the real challenges Pakistan faces and will convey it to the US public and government in best way possible. At the same time we will try to convey the U.S. administrations concerns to our readers and government in Pakistan Pakisan can not ignore the importance of America in today’s world and it should try its level best to keep the relations stronger and stable. The present US administration and the one which will be in place in near future under Trump’s leadership must admit the fact that there is hardly any household left in Pakistan which is not effected by the terrorism activities. Almost every family in Pakistan has had a relative or a dear one being killed or injured by suicide blasts or other terrorism related incident. The U.S. government and its western allies must continue financial support to Pakistan to fight terrorism and poverty.
At present Pakistan is working on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This corridor is indeed a game changer for Pakistan. The U.S. administration should support Pakistan in achieving this dream and support should be extended in every manner possible. There is no doubt that poverty is one of the major cause and tactic tool of terrorism. One day when Afghans and Pakistanis don’t have to worry about their next day bread and butter, they will think on constructive and positive lines.
To the Pakistani diaspora living in Americas, to the new readers which we hope to have in near future in America, to the think tanks and to the policy makers in America, our request is that our pages are available for your comments and suggestions. Please guide us and that is our only request that we need your guidances in vision.