“Muhammad” not allowed to witness Abraham Accord

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: The historic event at the White House titled “Abraham Accord” was being signed today between officials of Israel, UAE and Bahrain but a Pakistani journalist named Muhammad was not allowed to attend the event despite White House press team sending the confirmation of the event. National and international media was attending this event with great excitement but this correspondent who has attended several events at the White House in the past had registered his name to attend the event but was unable to go inside the White House. The  White House press team had duly send the confirmation of the event to this correspondent. When this correspondent reached the White House, officials of Secret Service informed that his name was not in the list of attendees. Upon inquiring from the press department at the White House  they informed that the list will be updated in few minutes. Later, upon checking with the Secret Service several times they said that Muhammad’s name was not included in the list. Again checking with the press department of the White House, this correspondent was told to provide passport number. Despite provision of passport number and US State Department accreditation card access was still not granted and was told to wait. After waiting for an hour till the event started, this correspondent decided to leave thinking maybe his first name “Muhammed” created the stir and confusion for both the Press team and Secret Service department of the White House or maybe they simply are incompetent and unprofessional. Whatever the case “Muhammad” was not allowed to watch the Abraham Accord.