5m$ worth expensive vaccine purchase draft prepared

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC: Pakistani Embassy in Beijing, China has prepared a draft to purchase five million dollars worth of Corona vaccine, from Sinovac Life Sciences Co Ltd at 11$ per unit price.

This draft will be signed by Defence Attache Procurement, Brigadier Rana Faisal Rafiq, representing the President of Pakistan and Mr Qiang Gao, General Manager of Sinovac Life Sciences Co Ltd.

Despite rumors that millions of dollars worth corruption has been done in the purchase of Corona vaccine and despite the fact that Pakistan has made its own Corona vaccine, the greedy and powerful ones are adamant to purchase each unit at the price of 11 dollars, which is considered very high.

The exact amount of purchase is 4,950,000 dollars, the Bank Guarantee provided is worth 990,000 dollars whereas the validity of the Bank Guarantee is two months beyond delivery period.