Something very dangerous

Jalil Afridi

The call made by the Hazara political parties with regard to civil disobedience is something very dangerous and its repercussions can be beyond imagination.
It has now been more than ten years that the Balochistan province has been burning in one way or another. Some intellectuals blame the Sardars of Balochistan, whereas some blame the Security Agencies for the current situation in Balochistan.
The present rulers must take measures without wasting a minute to find a solution to this whole scenario of Balochistan. They must not hold anymore photo shoot meetings and they must start the ground work to restore peace and stability in Balochistan.
There is no room to blame outsiders for the mess which is inside our country. There is no doubt that foreign elements are involved in the destabilization of Balochistan but so what? We must punish and break those elements who wants to destabilize Pakistan.
The disobedience call from Hazara community was expected for some time and now it has finally happened, so it is the final warning to the present rulers and security forces to save this country from further instability. This disobedience call should also be looked in context of withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan as well. And it should also be looked at keeping in view the huge Hazara community in Afghanistan, out of whom hundreds and thousands of them cross back and forth from Chaman or Torkham borders into and out of Pakistan. And at the same time international lobbyists who are hand in gloves with the Sardars who are sitting abroad projecting the miseries of Balochistan and demanding self autonomy. The long border between Pakistan and Afghanistan makes things even more difficult to tackle and handle.
The newly elected Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch did not really need to go to China with the Prime Minister on the recent trip. Instead he should have spent to five days in Balochistan fixing the draconian challenges he and his province are faced with. It is high time for the Chief Minister now to completely put his full attention towards his province and keep the security agencies and the media on board with him. The reason why media should also be on board is because first of all media is the best tool to highlight the true picture on national and international level and also because international media is depicting a very grin picture of Balochistan at the moment and to counter that our national media should be on board with first hand information, instead of local media relying on foreign news services.
Coming back to the threat of Hazara political parties, it is a crucial moment for the concerned departments in Balochistan and the federal government to take utmost serious measures to tackle the Balochistan situation and to bring peace and harmony in the province before things gets worse.


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