Its not about the trees in Turkey

Jalil Afridi
LAHORE: Our dear friend country, Turkey is facing severe crisis since last one week. Protestors have occupied the Taksim Square and Gezi Park areas. Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tawip Erdogan after his return from four days tour of North Africa on one side was cheered by supporters at the airport, whereas on the other hand protestors at Taksim square were demanding his resignation.
This whole protest started with an issue of cutting some old trees and the purpose was to construct a building on the said location.
But our sources in Istanbul tell us a different story. They say it is not simply about the cutting of trees. They say that the real reason behind these protests is that Mr. Erdogan has a strict believe on Islam and therefore he is not interested in opening of too many alcohol bars and discos across the country. Whereas, the European part of Turkey insist that Turkey has huge tourism industry therefore tourists should be given maximum facilities for entertainment.
Some Western lobbies have already started doing their work to defame Turkey and many tourists have also cancelled their traveling plans at the same time. Keeping in view the history of Khilfat and the beautiful historical mosques of Turkey, the country is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
There are strong predictions that this whole episode is eventually going to lead to the down fall of Erdogan’s government. Western countries and European parts and culture of Turkey are so powerful that they will soon force Erdogan to resign from his post, thus enabling a modern Islamic country to become a fully European country.