US-Iran Nuclear deal and regional politics

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Comment: Jalil Afridi
Wednesdays press briefing at the State Department Washington DC was mostly about the US-Iran nuclear deal. Spokesperson of State Department John Kirby answered various questions regarding US-Iran nuclear deal. He stated that this nuclear deal is a “life time deal” where as vigorous inspection will be conducted on regular basis by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to make sure that Iran is not involved in any kind of making of nuclear weapons. According to Kirby due to this deal “security interests of America will be stronger.”
After this deal with Iran President Obama is under severe pressure by the Israel and the Saudi Arabia. Both these countries are not in the favor of America giving the leverage to Iran and letting it become strong in the region. This nuclear deal with Iran still needs approval from the US Congress where the President Obama and his Democratic party do not have the majority and if the US Congress rejects this pact then the President has to veto it. According to some observors this deal could cost the Democrats a defeat the next year presidential elections where Hillary Clinton is aiming to become the next President of the United States.
Iran becoming close to America has its own perspectives for regional politics. For America having a strong ally in shape of Iran means that it can easily keep a strong presence to tackle countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and some of the  middle eastern countries. Since American draw down from Afghanistan has created a vacuum of American power in the region and so this nuclear pact is aimed to fill that vacuum. Isarel and Saudia are given all out sureties that their interests in the region will not be sabotaged.
In years to come if America and Iran continue to grow their relations one should not be surprised seeing American bases in Iran. Some of the leading American companies have already starting investing in Iran seeing a strong economic potential in it. An Israeli former military General who is now looking after the Israeli Space Agency has officially endorsed US-Iran nuclear deal and according to him this deal will make Israel even stronger in coming years. Israel main concern is for Iran not to support Hazbollah, Hamas or the Houthis to which Iran has probably agreed to.
This US-Iran Nuclear deal is not just about nuclear because if it was then Pakistan and India would have also been approached in the same manner. It is about the ten and fifteen years to come strategy. It is meant for stronger US presence in South East Asia and the middle east in the least cost effective manner.
John Kirby, the spokesman of the State Department did acknowledge that the America was part of the negotiations with Taliban which took place in Murree a few weeks ago and that they were present there as observers. These negotiations have now been officially endorsed by Taliban leader Mullah Omar as well. And so the pendulum has been shifted from Afghanistan now and its new focus will be Iran. ISIS which is becoming stronger in the middle east by each passing day will also be kept under control and guided through Iran.