Pakhtoons need education and jobs: Khalid Khan

Jalil Afridi
Washington DC: The Chairman of Pakhtoons American Community Association (PACA), Khalid Khan said that the only thing which Pakhtoons need in order to become successful globally is to achieve good education and to be provided with respectable jobs opportunities.
In a interview with The Frontier Post in Washington Dc, Khalid Khan, who is an engineer by profession and senior staffer of a telecom company and who belongs to Swabi said that all stereo types created about the Pakhtoons are made by those who are afraid from the strength and success of Pakhtoons.
Khalid Khan informed that PACA was launched in 2005 with just four members whereas today it has more than two hundred registered members, which includes highly educated Pakhtoons from different walks of life, including Salma Atta Ullah Jan, who was the first Pakhtoon woman Congressman of America. Salma is also the daughter of Saranjam Khan of PML(N).
He regretted the fact that now a days Pakhtoons  are being associated with terrorism and other criminal activities where as history of the Pakhtoons states very clearly that they have always remained very peaceful not only among themselves but also with believers of different religions and faiths. Khalid Khan gave examples of Ghazi Aman Ullah Khan and Bacha Khan who were great Pakhtoon leaders and said that these leaders also supported peace and never opted for bloodshed of Pakhtoons.
With regard to the Taliban uprising in Swat, Khalid Khan wondered as to why the government machinery took so long to take action the Taliban whereas everyone knew what was happening in Swat. He said that Swat operation would have not taken place had Fazlullah and father in law Sufi Muhammed were eliminated in first place while they were doing their atrocities in day light in Swat. Khalid Khan lauded the efforts and love of ordinary Pakhtoons for their fellow Pakhtoon brothers during the Swat operation and especially mention the Shah Mansoor Camp which was organized in Swabi for the displaced people of Swat.
With regard to PACA, Khalid Khan informed that this association is meant for those Pakhtoons who reside in America and especially those who are in their early stage of migration to America. PACA also helps Pakhtoon students in Pakistan with regard to providing them information about school and colleges in America, he informed.
Khalid Khan further said that PACA has recently formed a PACA Emergency Funds, for those Pakhtoons are facing severe financial or health problems in America.
With regard to the new generation of Pakhtoons in America, Khalid Khan that the learning Paktho language seems to be main problem for the new generation of Pakhtoons, as they have nothing to read, write or any other sort of interaction with Pakhto language.
Answering a question with regard to education system in Pakistan, Khalid Khan said that schools and colleges in Pakistan should focus more on practical education instead of theoretical education.
Khalid Khan favoured the creation of more provinces in Pakistan and said that a new province should also be created for the people and region of FATA, so people have more belonging to their province and it is easily managed as well.
Khalid Khan shared his deep sympathies with the Internally Displace Persons from the tribal areas and hoped that they would soon return to their homes. He said that “it is so sad to see millions of Pakhtoons living in tents away from their home in twenty first century.”