Shahi Syed being check mate

image Jalil Afridi/Naimat Khan WASHINGTON/KARACHI: A senior Pakistani politician belonging to Awami National Party is being check mate and is reluctant to take a person to court having done a fraud of RS10.4millon with him due to ‘dubious transactions’ and ‘fears of money laundering case’, credible sources told The Frontier Post. Senator Shahi Syed, the ANP’s Sindh President and father-in-law of Aimal Wali Khan confessed to have lost $75000, which is equal to Rs7.82million in fraud by a person belonging to Swabi district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sources said the person alleged of fraud is Furqan Khan, a cousin of the speaker Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly, Asad Qaisar who is currently in Washington DC. Shahi Syed while talking to The Frontier Post said that Furqan was partner with his elder son in a business and now Furqan is refusing to return the $75,000 he had taken from his son. According to sources Furqan has told Shahi Syed to go to American courts against him if his claim is correct but ‘dubious transaction of money’ is the main hurdle in Shahi Syed way to fight his case in the court. Shahi Syed is instead using his contacts for securing the money through Jirga. When Shahi Syed was asked by The Frontier Post as to why he was not going to American courts despite a big fraud with him, he said he is persuading Furqan through Jirga. “He is one among us, he is from Swabi and it is better that we resolve the issue through Jirga amicably”, he told the FP on phone from Mardan. Source said Shahi Syed had gone to Mardan in order to hold a Jirga for securing his money. When asked as through which channel he had sent such a huge amount of money to Washington, he said it was his son’s money, and he prior moving to the US had been running his own showroom in Dubai since 2007. Shahi Syed refuted that his sons had acquired US residency, which requires of an applicant to submit five million U.S. Dollars with the US immigration department. Credible sources told this scribe that both sons of Shahi Syed have obtained residency against the payment of $1million, equal to RS100.43millions. The ANP Sindh chief refuted and said one of his sons was studying in the Washington University on a student visa whereas the elder one had obtained a two-year Visa and was doing his own business there. Sources, however, said Yaseen, the older son of Shahi Syed, had applied for the residency whereas the process was also started for the youngest one. The ANP leader has four sons; two of them – one a Doctor and another Lawyer – are resided in the United Kingdom. Shahi Syed has confined himself to Islamabad. Shahi Syed, who was born and raised in Babuzai village of Mardan district of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa moved to Karachi where he started driving a Rikshaw on lease. But he soon become a rich man and then attracted the attention of ANP’s central leadership. Almost all old stalwarts, including Ameen Khattak, were sidelined and his residence, Mardan House, situated in the affluent DHA neighborhood became the party’s center in Sindh. Shahid Syed further came closer to Asfandiyar’s family after giving the hands of his daughter to son of ANP Chief. It’s likely that the authorities in National Accountability Bureau (NAB), which has become ultra active these days, will kick off probing the case because some people close to Asad Qaiser’s cousin have shared information with the corruption watchdog. Insiders in ANP say the ANP Chief Asfandyar Ali Khan has also setup several businesses in Malaysia, Dubai and other gulf states with the help of Shahi Syed. Disgruntled leaders, including the late Azam Hoti, had been accusing ANP leadership of huge corruption. Asfandyar’s step mother and president ANP-Wali has also alleged the ANP leadership of massive corruption. It’s also pertinent to mention that many second and third tier leaders have also applied for asylums in USA and European countries under the guise of Taliban threat after transferring huge amounts from Pakistan to their respective countries.