Hussain Haqqani called Indian Raw Agent

imageWashington DC: Former Ambassador of Pakistan, Hussain Haqqani was called an Indian Raw Agent during a conference held at Hudson Institute the other day.
This incident happened at Hudson Institute where Hussain Haqqani works as head of its South Asia chapter and was presenting his research paper along with Lisa Curtis of Heritage Foundation titled “A New U.S. Approach to Pakistan: Enforcing Aid Conditions without Cutting Ties.
The man who called Hussain Haqqani an Indian Raw Agent introduced himself as Jahan Iqbal and said that he was a US national from Pakistan origin. Jahan Iqbal asked a lengthy question and said that Kashmir conflict was the main reason for unrest in South Asia. Later on Jahan Iqbal interrupted Hussain Haqqani when he was replying to a question of another participant. This infuriated Haqqani and he asked security staff present on the occasion to escort Jahan Iqbal out of the event. While leaving the hall, Jahan Iqbal started yelling at Hussain Haqqani and said different things including calling Haqqani an Indian Raw agent. Jahan Iqbal also blamed Haqqani for the unrest in Pakistan.