Indo-Afghan failed show on Nawab Bugti

Comment by: Jalil Afridi
I was curious to see how Indians and Afghans praise late Nawab Bugti and so I went to an event sponsored by a few Afghans and mostly Indians to mark the death anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti at the National Press Club Washington DC, where all the members like myself are daily informed about the events taking place at press club. I could not believe that there were hardly fifteen attendees of the event. I wondered how Nawab Bugti would have felt seeing this crowd, especially knowing his powerful personality which I came to know after interviewing him a few months before his death. During my interview I did tell Nawab Bugti that he was being used and supplied by anti Pakistan forces. Nawab Bugti would have been specially upset seeing a quote of Marthur Luther King under his picture.

The highlight of the event was a telephonic address by Baramdagh Bugti, the grandson of Nawab Bugti who is currently living and enjoying luxurious life in Switzerland. Baramdagh Bugti in his address spelled venom against almost every institute of Pakistan including the media whereas he was all praises for India. Baramdagh Bugti can be seen on his Facebook page opening champagne bottles while worrying for the Baloch people and provoking them against Pakistan. It was probably one of the most shameful event I have seen by a former Pakistani.
After his address, there were only two individuals who asked Baramdagh questions. One of them was myself and the other one was a reporter from Voice of America.
Before I asked my questions, the organizer of the event, Masti Khan introduced me as Managing Editor of The Frontier Post and told Baramdagh that I was a very good Pakistani. Mr Masti also said something in Balochi language which I could not understand. I asked Baramdagh that during my interviewing with his grandfather, he was not against the development of Gawadar Port whereas the only thing he wanted was that Balochistan should get the majority share in the profit of Gawadar and preference should be given to the Baloch labor while constructing this project. My second question to Baramdagh was that the Pakhtuns in Balochistan do not support his ideas or vision so how could he fulfill his desires without their support. The other question which was asked by reporter of Voice of America was about the participation of Baloch political parties in political process of Pakistan. Baramdagh simply answered my question by saying that I didn’t know much about Balochistan to which the Indian crowd laughed loudly. Baramdagh told the Voice of America reporter that those Baloch political parties participating in politics of Pakistan are traitors.
I could only wish that Baramdagh knew that I started The Frontier Post in year 2002 from Quetta and made it the number one English newspaper of the province. I also wished that he knew that his late grandfather would read The Frontier Post on daily basis.
Baramdagh Bugti must be missing the life he lived in Balochistan, Karachi and Islamabad. Those beautiful vehicles, large mansions and body guards laced with AK47’s. He will never have those kinds of luxurys again in his life. I hope and pray that after what I heard him say about Pakistan, no leader of Pakistan let’s him come back to Pakistan. He is perfect example of traitor, a disgrace to Pakistan and a shame to the mother which gave him birth. Pakhtuns have a saying that ” All beds are meant to sleep but one does not go into Mother’s bed.” Baramdagh Bugti needs to know that a country which you are born in is your mother. Whatever you grand father was, it was because of Pakistan.
Another interesting speaker at the event of Krishna Guripati. He told Baramdagh that he is very concerned about how the Hindus are treated in Balochistan. I wished he had asked Baramdagh about the 32 people killed in India on that same day when an Indian psycho religious leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was convicted for raping a woman. Pakistan has never had 32 people killed after a court convicts a rapist.
An Afghan who was given shelter by Pakistan during his days of sufferings as refugee in Pakistan, Najeeb Khan pretended to be Pakistani gave his brief speech and said something which flew over my head. Another thing which also flew over my head was when Baramdagh Bugti said that Mashal Khan, a student of Wali Khan University Mardan, was killed because there a picture of his grandfather, Nawab Bugti in his room. What kind of crap is that? Or should I say what kind of crack is this guy?
Let me close by writing a few lines on behalf of all Pakistani journalists to Baramdagh Bugti. We don’t not wish to write or say anything about you because you don’t exist anymore for Pakistan. Get it out of your head that the people of Balochistan have any support for you. The people of Balochistan hate you because all these years when your were collecting millions of dollars in gas royalty you didn’t built any school or hospital for them. You wanted the Baloch people to remain your slaves. You wanted to continue raping Baloch women. I hope you know that you are involved in kidnapping women and doing narcotics business. You might not know all this, but I do.
The pseudo intellectuals of Afghanistan and Indians based in Washington DC needs to know that American admistration knows you well. They know that you guys only want a few thousand dollars from them to run your kitchen expense and bar expense. Beside that you have no love for Balochistan or its people.

Balochistan is on the way of prosperity and progress. India and Afghanistan will be better off focusing on their own countries instead of interfering in the internal matters of Pakistan.