I am ready to help on Kashmir: Trump

This is the closest we have been to peace in Afghanistan: Imran

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: American President Donald Trump while talking to the media alongside Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that he is ready to mediate and help resolve the Kashmir issue. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that this is the closest we have been to peace in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that the US will hear good news about Dr. Shakil Afridi.

Prime Minister Imran Khan while referring to situation in Afghanistan said that Pakistan is the most desirous country to see peace in Afghanistan and because of peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan can also succeed economically. Imran Khan said that “Pakistan has lost more than seventy thousand of its citizens and billions of dollars in economy due to terrorist related incidents.”

Donald Trump on one occasion said that in the past Pakistan did not respect America much and did not supports US efforts in Afghanistan but he does not blame them because Pakistan was facing its own problems and dealing with a wrong president in America.

While replying to a question about press freedom in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that press in Pakistan is completely free and that “talking about media curbs in Pakistan is a joke.” President Trump while talking advantage of the moment said that “media is more unfair to me here than you Mr. Prime Minister” which brought a laughter on journalists faces.

US President Donald Trump welcomed Imran Khan at the entrance of the White House where as Shah Mahmood Qureshi was accompanying Prime Minister Imran Khan.

President Donald Trump said that last week during his phone conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi he had talked about Kashmir and that the India Prime Minister said that he was willing to talk on Kashmir. President Trump said that “please let me know if I can help on Kashmir.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan while replying to a question about Kashmir said that “America being the most powerful country in world can play the most important role in bringing peace between India and Pakistan and that over a billion people will pray for President Trump. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India has extended the same kind of warmth which Pakistan has shown since last few months.

The US president also said that the US has used the largest number of arsenals in human history in Afghanistan since last nineteen years and there is nothing to win in Afghanistan. “We could wipe out Afghanistan from the face of the earth in one week but we don’t want to kill millions of people” the American President said while praising the might of the American military. He further said that talks with Taliban are going very well and Pakistan is playing a positive role in this regard. He further said that “Pakistan can save millions of lives in Afghanistan.”

With regard to Iran, President Trump said that the US is ready for the worse with Iran but is hoping that Iran would come to sanity. He said that “Iran lies a lot and Obama should not have made the deal with Iran.

Mr Trump said that he would love to visit Pakistan but “Mr Khan has not yet invited me.” President Trump also said that Pakistan is a great country which produces great products and has very tough people. President Trump also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is very popular in his country and he will win his war against corruption against corruption in his country.

One two occasion, the American President Trump while talking about money said that Pakistan would love to have some of that money. “We have Puerto Rico 92 Billion of dollars, I am sure Pakistan would love to some of that” Trump said with a smile on his face. President Trump said that American could do a lot more business with Pakistan because it is a big country. “we could do ten or twenty time more trade with Pakistan” President Trump said while linking it to peace in the country.