Emirates Cabin Crew best in the world: Siobhan

Jalil Afridi

DUBAI: Siobhan Bardet, Public Relations Manager Emirates said that Emirates Airlines has the biggest training institute for its cabin crew with the estimate of 240 Million Dirhams state of the art equipment , fifteen thousand Cabin Crew members from one hundred and thirty different countries of the world and the purpose behind all this is to satisfy passengers travelling through Emirates Airlines. While briefing seven journalists from Pakistan at the Aviation College for Crew training, Siobhan said that Emirates Airlines at present is proving services at seventy different countries, which makes it the only airline in the world to cater passenger to travel to six continents of the world from Dubai.  She said that at present fourteen thousand crew members are serving in different flights of Emirates Airlines.Catherine Baird, Senior Vice President Cabin Crew Training while briefing the journalists said that training of cabin crew staff is done under one roof and last year seven three thousands applications were received to be part of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew members.  She said that Cabin Crew staff is trained in different departments ranging from Emergency services to services to First Class passengers and sales of Duty Free items in the planes. She said that Cabin Crew members are given ten percent commission on the sales they make in selling Duty Free items on planes. She said that only in the month of August 2011, sales o f fourteen Million Dirham were made in selling Duty Free items.With regard to Arabic Majlis, Catherine Baird said that the purpose behind creation of this department is to cater passengers with different cultural and linguistic back grounds. She further said that in the Arabic E- Learning Program, Cabin Crew members are taught about different religions, culture and languages, so that maximum comfort can be given to passengers while  travelling on Emirates Airlines.Emirates Airlines at the moment has over three thousand pilots, including twenty five pilots from Pakistan. One of the most senior pilots of Emirates Airlines from Pakistan, Hamid Chishti while briefing the journalists said that the brand value of Emirates Airlines is “Cosmopolitan” meaning that Emirates Airlines serves passengers from all over the world and that Emirates Airlines keeps in mind those passengers from different parts of the world needs to treated differently.  He further said that “with one hundred and sixty three planes flying in different directions of the world it is important we cater our passengers in the best services possible.”