Afghanistan economy starts shaking

Jalil afridi
LAHORE: As the American withdrawal from Afghanistan gets closer, the economy of Afghanistan has started shaking and showing visible signs on its effects on different businesses.
In this regard the first sign that shows that Afghan economy has started nose dipping is by the decrease in Afghan currency in compare to the dollar rate. The second most effected element in the Afghan economy can be judged by the fact that the price of prime properties in Kabul are decreasing and many Afghans after selling their properties are shifting their cash flow to Dubai.
Another interesting element can be seen by the fact that leading soft drink company Coca Cola which started its manufacturing plant in Kabul back in 2006, owned by Habib Gulzar and which has mostly been supplying its products to ISAF and NATO forces in Kabul has started looking at different locations to sell its products. And in this regard Pakistan being the nearest country, Coca Cola Kabul products have started landing in markets of Peshawar.
Pepsi Co which also started its manufacturing plant in Kabul about a year ago and is owned by the Alokozay family of Afghanistan (interestingly also having Pakistani nationality) is also facing similar problems and is showing the poorest result of any Pepsi Co around the world.
Both of the above soft drink companies are in majority share owned by American investors and they were successful in trapping the wealthy Afghans to set up beverages plant without future security of their investment.
Many big distributors such as the Katavazis are also facing problems. They are reluctant to order bulk quantities of leading products, mostly exported out of Pakistan, being fearful that their investment might get stuck.
Outdoor advertisement which has been the strongest mode of informing the public regarding consumer products in Afghanistan has also been facing decrease in their business because big companies are reluctant to spend money on branding of their products.
There are more businesses which are expected to see the down fall in near future in Afghanistan depending on exactly when the Americans will be leaving the country where war started in 2001 and is still continued.


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